Find out more about Philly Art Jawn:

Philly Art Jawn is a Philly-based art Instagram page that features the work of emerging and mid-career artists in Philadelphia, providing artists with the opportunities to sell and share their work to a growing community of arts organizations and art collectors in Philadelphia. 


In addition, we provide information to the latest Philly art events, opportunities, and resources. Philly Art Jawn provides direct support to independent artists that are in the process of developing their careers, while making art accessible and affordable for buyers.

Overall, our hope is to create an environment that supports artists in the local Philadelphia community, and to include young artists and emerging entrepreneurs in our organization, in order to expand the arts in Philadelphia. 

We hope to see constructive interaction among people in local Philadelphia communities, and we also hope to include young artists and emerging entrepreneurs in our project in order to bridge economic and cultural differences within the community.


We will measure our success in the amount of artists that are showcased, galleries we connect with, and the number of individuals who engage with our virtual art community, in order to expand the arts in Philadelphia.


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