Featured Artist of the Month: Kyle Confehr

Updated: Apr 27, 2020

Philly Art Jawn is pleased to introduce our featured artist of the month, Kyle Confehr!

Check out the interview below to learn more about our featured artist of the month: Q: What's your inspiration behind the work you create? A: I used to carry around a small sketchbook and I’d doodle a bit here and there as I went through the day. But as my work has gotten larger the process has become more of a focus and the narrative parts have sort of taken a back seat for the moment. Q: What is your biggest motivator as an artist? A: So of course there’s always financial motivation but often it’s the satisfaction of finishing a piece and moving onto the next one. I think all of my work has an unknown expiration date so I like to treat it as such. Get it out of my brain, get it into the public or just a piece of paper that sits in my apt. and then move on. I guess the real motivation behind my work is to keep my brain working on positive things that make me and (hopefully) other people happy when they look at it. Q: How does the internet/social media have an influence on your work? A: Hugely. Which is good and bad. In some ways I’m thankful for it because without it, I wouldn’t have met so many amazing visual artists who inspire me everyday. I don’t I have to mention the downside of internet/social media because everyone has experienced that. ⠀⠀⠀⠀ But social media has given me kind of a gauge for my work. Having an audience and an algorithm that you don’t fully understand has kind of given me an excuse to constantly put my work “out there.” I think if I had no access to the internet or social media I would still be creating work. But I think I’d be frustrated a bit because I wouldn’t have that “gauge” to base anything off of. I think I might be utilizing a totally different style if that were the case. Q: Reflecting back to the beginning of your career, what is the most useful advice you ever received? A: “You just cannot stop.” That was a friend of mine named Brian Gibb after my first solo show. I had so much energy that I was riding on after that show. So I asked him for his advice on making a career out of my artwork. Out of all the advice he’s given me over the years, that one bit has sort of been a mantra for me.

Thank you for sharing with us, Kyle Confehr!


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